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Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original: Why Did He Take Them?

Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original
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Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original

In Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original, Jeffrey Dahmer became one of the most notorious serial killers in cutting-edge records. Between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer murdered 17 young men and boys in the Milwaukee area. His grotesque killings concerned necrophilia, cannibalism, and the upkeep of body components.

One of the most chilling components of Dahmer’s crimes changed into the Polaroid images he took of his sufferers. Overall, investigators discovered over 2 hundred images of dismembered bodies in Dahmer’s condominium. But why did this twisted killer image his sufferers?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victims

Before examining Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroids Photos Original, it is important to understand who his victims were. Most of Dahmer’s victims were young gay men or boys. Many were minorities and immigrants. Dahmer specifically targeted those he felt would not be missed or easily traced.

List of His Victims

VictimDate of Death
Steven HicksJune 18, 1978
Steven TuomiNovember 20, 1987
James DoxtatorJanuary 16, 1988
Richard GuerreroMarch 24, 1988
Anthony SearsMarch 25, 1989
Eddie SmithJune 14, 1990
Ricky BeeksJuly 15, 1990
Ernest MillerSeptember 2, 1990
David ThomasSeptember 24, 1990
Curtis StraughterFebruary 18, 1991
Errol LindseyApril 7, 1991
Tony HughesMay 24, 1991
Konerak SinthasomphoneMay 27, 1991
Matt TurnerJune 30, 1991
Jeremiah WeinbergerJuly 5, 1991
Oliver LacyJuly 12, 1991
Joseph BradehoftJuly 19, 1991

Purpose of Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original

So why did Jeffrey Dahmer photograph his victims in such horrific states? According to investigators and psychologists, there were a few reasons Dahmer took the Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original:

To Relive the Experience

For Dahmer, the act of murder was sexually gratifying. By photographing his victims before, during, and after death, Dahmer was able to recreate and relive the experience over and over.

Serial killer expert Scott Bonn stated: “For Dahmer, the photographs were very important because they allowed him to relive the human manipulation, mutilation, and murder exactly as it occurred.”

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To Keep His Victims Close

Dahmer went to great lengths to try and “possess” his victims, including cannibalism and preserving body parts. The Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original were another way for Dahmer to “keep” his victims and maintain control. He could revisit the images whenever he desired.

To Delay Detection

Had Dahmer disposed of his victims’ bodies immediately, he may have been able to keep killing. The Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original allowed him to enjoy the experience later on while getting rid of the evidence.

Criminologist Nicole Moulder believes that without the photos, Dahmer would have likely moved on from his crimes much sooner. However, the lasting “trophies” enabled him to relive the murders again and again.

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What Was Captured in Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original?

The content captured in Dahmer’s Polaroids was shocking and gruesome. His photos documented his victims at nearly every stage of the murder process. Some of the common themes included Entertainment:

Before Murder

Several Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original depicted Dahmer’s victims before their deaths. These showed his largely young, minority targets either unconscious or disoriented after being drugged by Dahmer.

During Murder

Dahmer photographed the actual killing process as well. These Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original captured the moments when Dahmer strangled his anesthetized victims with his bare hands.

After Murder

The majority of Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original focused on what happened after death. He photographed his victims’ bodies in various states of mutilation and dismemberment. These clinical, methodical photos highlighted Dahmer’s fascination with the internal organs and bones of his victims.


Several polaroids also showed Dahmer engaging in sexual acts with his victims’ corpses. This further demonstrated his deranged attraction to the deceased.

Examples of Specific Polaroids

While most of Dahmer’s polaroids remain sealed from public view, some specific examples have emerged over the years. These particular photos highlight Dahmer’s chilling psychopathy:

Anthony Sears

Photos found by Dahmer’s roommate showed Sears’ naked body lying on Dahmer’s bed, his limbs arranged by Dahmer in strange, unnatural positions. Dahmer captured these photos after drugging, killing, and raping Sears’ corpse.

Konerak Sinthasomphone

Dahmer took many shots of Sinthasomphone’s body before and after dismemberment. In court, police described a photo of the young boy’s severed head in Dahmer’s freezer, his face frozen in an expression of fear.

Matt Turner

Turner was Dahmer’s second-to-last victim. Dahmer documented mutilating Turner’s body extensively. One photo showed Turner’s head after being stripped of skin and flesh. Dahmer proudly displayed the cleaned skull on his desktop.

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Why Were The Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original Discovered?

In the end, it was Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original that led to his arrest. How did they finally come to light after so many years?

Escaped Victim

In 1991, Dahmer’s last intended victim – Tracy Edwards – escaped and led police back to Dahmer’s apartment. There, officers made the grisly discovery of multiple dismembered bodies and the chilling Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original.

Nearly Destroyed Evidence

As the officers moved to arrest him, Dahmer unsuccessfully tried to destroy incriminating polaroids. Ultimately, he failed to dispose of the horrific photos captured over 13 years.

Key Proof at Trial

The recovered Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original became crucial evidence used to convict Dahmer at trial. The jury was able to see first-hand photographic proof of Dahmer’s atrocities and unquestionable guilt.

Dahmer’s Mindset Revealed

While disturbing, Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original ultimately provided crucial insight into his disturbed psychology. The clinical photos revealed his obsession with possessing his victims completely.

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Park Dietz evaluated Dahmer after his conviction. Dietz concluded that the polaroids demonstrated Dahmer’s profound desire to turn his victims into “zombies” for his pleasure – trapped forever in death under his control.

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Why the Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original Remain Sealed

Despite the continued public infatuation with Jeffrey Dahmer and his crimes, law enforcement has kept the Polaroids private to this day. There are two main motives for this determination:

Respect Victims’ Dignity

Releasing the images would further rob Dahmer’s victims of dignity in death. They suffered unspeakable horror; publishing graphic photos retraumatizes their memories.

Prevent Potential Copycats

The polaroids could inspire dangerous copycat killers seeking twisted fame. Sealing them limits access and hopefully prevents more tragedy.

While select images leaked long ago, Wisconsin authorities continue withholding the full set of Dahmer’s polaroids. They aim to avoid glorifying Dahmer or encouraging more violence. Most experts support maintaining the confidentiality of these disturbing photos.


In the end, Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Photos Original represents one of the most haunting relics from his monstrous killing spree. While we may never see the actual photos, they offer critical insight into the psychology of a serial killer. Dahmer’s obsessive documentation shows the degree to which he sought possession and control over life and death. Thankfully, law enforcement retains strict control over these disturbing images for the greater good.

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Q: Were the Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroid photos ever released to the public?

A: No, the photos were not released to the public. They were used as evidence in Dahmer’s trial and remained in the possession of law enforcement.

Q: How many victims did Jeffrey Dahmer have?

A: Jeffrey Dahmer confessed to the murders of 17 young men between 1978 and 1991.

Q: Did Jeffrey Dahmer show any remorse for his crimes?

A: Dahmer did express remorse for his actions during his trial but ultimately received multiple life sentences.

Q: What happened to Jeffrey Dahmer in prison?

A: Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered by a fellow inmate in 1994 while serving his prison sentence.

Q: Are there any documentaries or movies about Jeffrey Dahmer?

A: Yes, several documentaries and movies explore the life and crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, including “My Friend Dahmer” and “The Jeffrey Dahmer Files.”

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